We knew it would be a hard sell, but Llanelli (Non-Reindeer) Reindeer Parade still drew the crowds on Saturday!

Earlier this year, our reindeer friends in the Cairngorm took the decision to travel no further than Manchester, and so our event formerly known as Llanelli Reindeer Parade needed a bit of a revamp. We love a wacky idea at Ymlaen Llanelli, and we think our idea to hire a tuk-tuk may be one of the wackiest yet - but you can't say it didn't work!

People came out in droves to see the spectacle, and many took the opportunity for a free ride in Santa's tuk-tuk while they were here! A whole load of everyone's favourite characters from our previous events filled the streets, and it's safe to say everyone had a good time.

Check out our favourite photos from the day below and our video highlights of the day here. We'll be back in 2023 with even bigger and better events - see you then!

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